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Restaurant | PARIS

"At Prout." "

This word, taken straight from the mouth of a child. A vulgarity all light, naughty and without modesty, a delicious offense confessed with the lips.

This word, which sums up the tone of this gourmet bistrot, a malicious and sincere simplicity.

As soon as we enter this place, we will be immersed in a bistro, the real one of truth, that of the glass that clinks, that of the "one Côte du Rhone to the 10", that of watered coffee, that of the napkin tied around the Neck, that of the bread crumbs that one picks up with the fingertips, one where one lets his phone vibrate in his pocket, that of spontaneous laughter, that of endless conversation and that of conversation without beginning.

It will also be the one where Zoé, 6, will be able to read a Scrooge while Jacqueline, 72, will sip a Suze at the bar and that Félix, 28, will have lunch on the go watching the neighbors of the neighborhood.

We'll have lunch, dinner or a drink. One will untie his cravat, one will play with his round of napkin and one will drink to what one wants provided that one toast. Then we will smile and everything will ensue.

Be warned, the products will be fresh and prepared on the spot, each line of the card will have the "homemade" stamp but it is really necessary to remember it, the fork will take care of it alone!

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